Russell Hinton


Kratos Defense and Security, Orlando, FL ​- ​Senior 3D Artist, QA Specialist

- KC-46 Virtual Trainer

• Produce 3D models and animations for aerospace realtime training systems
• Test models in Unity, made sure all Colliders and Animations worked correctly
• Navigate through IVT for in-depth reference of aircraft parts to replicate
• Generate images in relation to real world objects; managed assets using source control
• Follow Installation and Maintenance Instructions (IETM) to perform remove and replace procedures
• Perform quality checks in final software builds and maintain work needed for client

Alion Science​ ​and​ ​Technology, Orlando, FL ​- ​Senior ​3D​ ​Environment ​​Artist

- The ​Machinery ​Control ​System ​-​ ​Maintenance ​Trainer ​(MCS-MT)
- VMPA-NSMT ​Virtual​ ​Maintenance ​Performance ​​Aid
- Virtual Steam

• Modeled ​environment ​assets​ ​using​ ​3DS​ ​Max​ ​for​ ​Navy​ ​Simulation​ ​and​ ​Game ​Training in CryEngine ​and ​UDK ​(Unreal​ ​Engine)
• Created ​a ​high​ ​level​ ​of​ ​detail​ ​in​ ​diffuse,​ specular,​ emissive,​ normal,​ opacity, ​ambient occlusion ​and ​reflection ​map ​textures ​in ​relation ​to ​real ​world ​objects ​using Photoshop
• Created custom ​rigs for ​Animation ​Sets in ​UDK, ​along with socketable systems, ​for construction ​procedures

Digital Domain Media Group, Port Saint Lucie, FL ​- ​Stereoscopic Animator

- 47 Ronin (2013)
- Transformers: ​Dark ​of the ​Moon ​(2011)
- The ​Smurfs ​(2011)

• Utilized industry standard tools to create stereoscopic visualization for an immersive 3D experience
• Constructed a 3D scene from 2D media, using keyframe animation techniques to achieve realistic movement through the course of a film shot
• Rotoscoped high level of detail around objects to ensure foreground, mid ground, and background do not intersect with each other in a 3D scene

Harrington ​Group, Orlando, FL - ​3D ​Artist

• Produced accurate 3D models from reference images utilizing 3D Studio Max and Maya. Both in high level of detail to low level of detail.
• Created textures for models after layout of UVs to ensure models resemble real world objects by using photographic images.
• Utilized Alienbrain Asset Manager for group project workflow while working with proprietary software to complete animation tasks.